Route to Profit in a Services Business
In Pursuit of Profit

Seeking Profit So you started a services business and it is going well. You have a great team, you have clients, your overall brand seems to be resonating. Hooray! Right? You drum up the deals, the business and the engagements, then send your people out to do great things for your clients. There are good…

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That time my Bay Area Bank Failed

RIP Tamalpais Bank, 1991-2010 Gone but not quite forgotten. Born into the most boring and stable of decades, eventually succumbing to bank failure as one more victim enabler of the dodgy real estate loans of the financial crisis. I arrived in America about the same time Tamalpais Bank was opening. Through the 1990s, I would…

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Shopify California Sales Tax Issue

The  Problem – Shopify California Sales Tax Collection This post originally appeared on on 12/06/17It picked up good responses over the years so it is being republished here. When Goods are sold online, from a business within California  to an address in California, the State  “accepts” sales tax from the merchant in two different…

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