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Website Cost - Improve Web Presence Status Quo

How Much Should a Website Cost?

What is a fair Website Cost? Recently, the owner of an auto…
suppl,y and demand curve

Supply and Demand - Flail and Fail or Make it Work for You

Most of us have  heard of 'Supply and Demand'. A few of us have…

Work your Network or Give Work to your Network?

At a Referral Institute conference - all about referral marketing…
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Put that in your Pipeline and Track it: Your Sales Close Ratio

Most of our businesses have just embarked on a new set of goals.…
Social Media Strategy - plans for next year

My Social Media Marketing Strategy

In a blog post last week, Warrior Preneur Ann Evanston asked…
Time to Update your Website

Just Do It!

When you own or are deeply involved in a business, putting your…
Website design project plan marin sonoma

The FAQs of Website Dedesign

As a website developer I find myself answering similar questions…