Fractional CFO Services

Are you the business owner with everything on your shoulders?

Are you the first one in and the last one out every day?

Is business revenue increasing, but less is left at the end?

Do your laptop and business phone go on every vacation with you?

Are your employees consistently paid while you are not?

Are you stuck at this Revenue?

$500K - $5M

Fractional CFO Service Bay Area
Fractional CFO Bay Area
How to Grow Profitably?

Do you need cash to grow?
But you need to grow to get cash?

You started the business to practice your craft?

But now you just run the business. Every. Single. Day?

You wanted flexibility but got 9pm – 5am as well as 9am-5pm?

When you do work your craft, is it just to feed the business?

Cash Crunch
Fighting Fires
5 years
Working all Hours
10 years
Working In the business as well as on the business
12 years
And you don't want to become an Accountant!

Numbers don't lie, but who can read them?

Fractional CFO Quickbooks

Are you looking for clear goals?

Do they give you reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows) that are made for accountants – not business owners.

Is it a Foreign Language?

Do your numbers people talk at you not with you? Throwing out words that you'd need a whole finance degree to understand?

Do you want to look ahead?

To be fair, most accountants and bookkeepers are tasked to tidy up your past and keep your present accurate. You need a CFO to look ahead.

What matters most:

Increasing Profitability and Cash on Hand

You want a clear path to follow to growing a more profitable business

In your craft, your gut instinct manifests a true depth of experience

But in business finances, you don’t yet have the depth to trust your gut

You will be ready to act when you see what your books are saying

Fractional CFO one clear path

A Fractional CFO can help you

We are nerdy, but we care

Most CFOs and Fractional CFOs got into forward-looking finance because we like helping and we enjoy collaborting

Numbers are our thing

We enjoy running projections. Between our times with you, we are thinking about your business and playing different strategies out.

We have a playbook

We are used to working with $500k - $5M businesses. All are different but there are some key drivers we know to look for in each.

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