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How Much Should a Website Cost?

What is a fair Website Cost? Recently, the owner of an auto body shop asked whether website cost quotes he was receiving seemed fair. He was asking a lot of people and getting overwhelmed by the different responses. He did receive one answer  I agreed with “Ha! That is like asking me how much a […]

Supply and Demand – Flail and Fail or Make it Work for You

Most of us have  heard of ‘Supply and Demand’. A few of us have reached the point of our own businesses being simultaneously  ‘overworked and underpaid’. So isn’t it time to apply  the theory and improve things for ourselves and our customers? Let’s do a quick refresher on supply and demand. You can check the […]

Work your Network or Give Work to your Network?

At a Referral Institute conference – all about referral marketing – that I attended last week, an attendee took the microphone from the floor. He said that his generation (OK – so he was younger than me!) must be good at networking because they have such large networks; being the generation of Facebook and Twitter […]

My Social Media Marketing Strategy

In a blog post last week, Warrior Preneur Ann Evanston asked 3 questions. I replied to her post, but the questions still deserved more focused answers. [Edited 1/2/12 to add: Ann Evanston’s initial post asked the following 3 questions: “1-Are you developing a social media marketing strategy that is direct contact and follow-up, or advertising? […]

Just Do It!

When you own or are deeply involved in a business, putting your company website ‘out there’ can feel similar to putting yourself out there – finishing up a site launch has some emotional vulnerability similar to selecting your own photo for Match.com. The decisions are important and you may find yourself echoing a couple of […]