Building Facebook Pages

“I am LOVING this series of yours. Everyone else I’ve come across gives wonderful tidbits like “you need to have a FB page and consider Twitter.” Please — would I have bothered to get info on strategies if I didn’t even know that?? You rock! Now, if you could just find a way to add a few hours into each day so I could really make the most of this info, I’d be ever so grateful. ;)”

Facebook Fan Pages can really work for you, or they can have you working your tail off, wondering if you will ever get a response. Tending a web presence is like tending a garden. You can ‘do everything’ and leave it all ‘just perfect’. But unless you ‘keep up’ with it, changes will happen… plants will need watering and bugs need combating. It’s the same online. You can’t just build a Facebook page and walk away from it expecting it to go viral and succeed without you.

Like garden or building maintenance there are regular actions that will keep everything moving along and working for you, instead of you working for the page, or the page working against you. We do not believe that you can do it all at once, or that ‘one time’ is even a valid approach. We run  a Facebook Page that revisits each area of your Facebook Page every 4 – 6 weeks. We give you achievable goals that take 15 – 30 minutes / day. If you miss a day or even a week, it doesn’t matter that much – the series is designed for each day to work on its own, although it certainly helps to be there for all of them!