The Challenge – Rosé Wines without Déjà Vu

When you want to promote Rosé Wine – the under celebrated cousins of Reds and Whites, you host a festival. Invite wine producers from around the world, invite the press and the connoisseurs. Oh – yes – you need a wine festival website too! The  hosts called and asked if we could do a wine festival website and FAST!

Of course we could 🙂

wine festival website montage

Our Approach

wine festival website logoThe team at Rosé Today were adamant that their wine festival website not look like so so many other wine sites – they wanted fine art graphics, not artistic California Vineyard photos. That’s OK – we liked that idea.

We drove on over to San Francisco to spend the day in a collaborative build with their marketing team.

The wine festival website was built in one day using our Basic Website package. We also added a couple pages later to show the festival winners.

The Solution

The website is extremely bright, colorful, arty and ready for its target market

Eric Ball Design:
How we Built it: Basic Website

The Website

wine festival website