Website for Cleaning company with Charm

To Build a Website:

Linda Magana runs the premier family cleaning empire in Marin and Sonoma. Our job was to build a website that would reflect her business. For this local service business, we started with a logo, a tagline and a photo shoot full of happy people:

Technology choice:

Well that was easy – WordPress! Love the ease of updating and the fact that the client can change their own text and photos without involving us.

Design options:

Looking for clean and green. WordPress has many free design themes but for less than $100 we usually buy a theme. Looking ta these choices, we liked the color scheme of option 1, but the movement and fluidity of option 2 won out – we could just ‘see’ the logo fitting in there.







Design progression:

We do a series of mockups before we start coding to incorporate the circular logo




Build the site: Some of what we do is accessible as a WordPress user and some of it – layout, colors, proportions – involves updating the code. Please click through to if you want to see the whole site