The Challenge – Create a Surveyor Website and Google Ad Campaign

high-definition-3d-laser-scanning-services-marin-oakland-san-franciscoThe client came to us as their company was launching with a vision, a goal and a business plan. They wanted a website and an Ad campaign designed, built and set up within the next 2 weeks.

3D Laser Scanning is a very specialized offering to scan a building and create plans and models from the scan. There are only a handful of providers in the whole Bay Area. So our client needed Surveyor website that would explain his services. Most of his customers – architects, engineers, developers and real estate professionals search for 3D laser scanning online without waiting for referrals or knowing the names of the vendors. High value services that are in immediate and short term demand call for Google Ads as the time span to capture attention is minimal and the opportunity cost of gaining or losing a customer is high.

Our Approach

high-definition-3d-laser-scanning-services-marin-oakland-san-franciscoWe spun on the proverbial dime and put a very tight timeline in place

Days 1 – 2 Carolyn Kohler of Website Wordsmith researched the keywords we needed and wrote the tags for Google

Days 1 – 6 The client wrote the text for the website

Days 3 – 10 Lisa Taylor Powers of The Hive Marketing used the keywords to set up the Google Ad Campaigns

Day 6 We sat down with the client for a  a collaborative website  build and created a 5 page WordPress website. We selected and edited some great images.

Day 8 we reviewed and launched

Days 9 – 10 put in the landing pages and background processing for the Google Ads campaign

The Solution

The website uses great images to highlight the scanning capability

Website Wordsmith: SEO Keywords and Tags
The Hive Marketing: Online Marketing and Google Ads
How we Built it: Starter Website in WordPress

The Website