Effective web sites seo

The Challenge

Carolyn Kohler of Effective Web Sites is our closest business partner. We worked together on many of the websites in this portfolio. She is a website wordsmith and SEO expert who know how to write text and tags that helps web pages index well in Google. Carolyn writes the text, and we use it in the website we build. She already had a logo she loved and a WordPress website but the overall visuals looked dated and the whole site was due for an overhaul.

Our Approach

Carolyn wrote the text – of course! She is also a published photographer, so she chose photos that reflect the Bay Area territory that she lives and works in. We worked with Carolyn to lay the pages out in a clear and informative structure.

The Website

The website is clean, clear and – of course – easy to read. The images support the message without distracting from it and the whole site does indeed get great SEO.

The website: Effective-Web-Sites.com

How we built it: Business Website in WordPress