Legal Recruiter Website Design

The Challenge

Evan Anderson was ready to go out and start his own recruiting company. He contacted us in the second week of December and asked  what we could do to launch before the end of the year. He was looking for a recruiter website, specializing in legal placements for attorneys into law firms and in-house jobs.

Legal Recruiter Washington DC w

Legal Search Website Design

Our Approach

We set up a full day collaborative build. Evan wrote the text himself. Recruiter website design shares the same challenge as many other business website designs – what to use for images? We are all completely over the stock photos of vanilla looking businessmen and women shaking hands. Evan’s legal recruiting focuses on specific cities, so we built pages based on those cities and sought out some city vignettes.

Legal Search

The Website

The website is bright, colorful and prepared for the local business owners who are the core of the client base. It conveys a tech image, but a friendly tech image.

Website: Placed.Legal
How we Built it: Starter Website in WordPress