Sonoma Marin Plumbing

The Challenge

Jake O’Callaghan opened Sonoma Marin plumbing in 2014 on a wing, a prayer and less funding than he originally hoped. It was very important to Jake that the website immediately conveyed their territory, that the business was veteran owned and that it was a family business. Jake also understood that it is usually (not always!) women that decide when looking for a plumber, so the site needed to appeal to a female audience without excluding the men.

Our Approach

We had planned a larger WordPress website with full SEO, but faced with a reduced budget we all decided to spin on the dime that was left and build it in Wix. Jake’s wife Kristin is a professional writer so she created the content and came to our office one hot afternoon. We worked hard that day! We edited family photos, selected stock photos, created coupons, formatted lists, and edited Google maps to show locations from Sausalito to Santa Rosa…

The Website

The website is bright, colorful and prepared for the female audience who we know are usually the ones to review their options and pick up a phone to call a plumber. We were lucky to start with a great logo and brand identity from Kristie Hansen-Kemp, which we used to create the look and feel. We are delighted to report that from the day he opened, Jake has had plenty of business.

Hansen-Kemp Design: Logo and Brand Identity