The Challenge

A one-page website was needed for the Carbon Impact Factor, a financial approach to the Carbon Market that was prepared for and presented at Paris 2015, the UN Climate Change Conference. The concept paper needed a one-page website to present and support it. On the site, nine contributing authors from different companies needed to be shown, along with their bios. We started with disparate photos, a collection of logos and none of us wanting the result to be a ‘wall of text’

Our Approach

Completing projects with multiple stakeholders presents a challenge in project management rather than in technology. We picked a day when several of the papers authors would be together and went to their office. We camped out there for the day  and built the majority of the one-page website that day, with  frequent opportunity for review and direction from the client.

The One-Page Website

Website Features:

  • Clean, Open design with plenty of white space.
  • Menu that jumps to sections within the long one page.
  • Set the logos to the same height for consistency.
  • Pulled together the diverse author photos in different styles and settings by converting the original images to circles and showing them in black and white.
  • Handled the content of the bios without sub pages or walls of text with toggles.

One page website marin