Booster Stage Logo and colors

Booster Stage Logo and Colors

Coaching for high tech startups

J Heller coaching provides individual and group coaching in the fast moving world of high tech startups. Those of us here at Abigail Gorton Websites spent several combined decades in that world before going out as a smaller local provider. We could tell stories about just how needed some of this coaching is…

Jennine Heller, the founder of Booster Stage worked closely with ourselves and two of our partners:

Kristie-Hansen Kemp of Hansen Kemp Design developed the branding and logo. Understanding that the target startups audience is 20 to 30 something males, she worked a handful of concepts around rockets and launching. The winning design was the rocket flames in 3 primary and 3 over lapping colors:

hing for high tech startups[/caption]

Jennine also worked with Carolyn Kohler of Effective Websites who wrote the text and developed the SEO tags.

She then came to us for an afternoon of “Zero to Launch!” website development. This site presented us with a classic challenge – what we call the ‘text rich’ website. There are many businesses – coaching, nutritionists, lawyers, therapists etc – for which there is no natural portfolio of images. We address this by maximizing the use of fonts, callouts, titles and text arrangements. All making use of the colors defined in the design process.

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