The Challenge – Attractive IT Website

Mohamed Rassoul is one of our favorite IT support people in Marin – we send him to our client sites for hardware and email support, and we always get rave reviews.  We built and launched his IT website as he opened the business so it needed to work well from day one. Visually and emotionally, the website needed to immediately convey that Mohamed is personable, knowledgeable and mobile.  Like us, he is a geek who knows how to communicate without geek-speak

Our Approach

COM_Logo 052915Mohamed had already worked with Kristie Hansen-Kemp to develop a great logo and brand identity. He had also worked with Carolyn at Effective Web Sites to develop his text and SEO tags. These inputs gave us clear direction to develop the website design.  Mohamed and I set up a web design with a friendly set of tech graphics to represent the technology and the feel of his services:Computers of Marin Website Graphics

The Solution

The website is bright, colorful and prepared for the local business owners who are the core of the client base. It conveys a tech image, but a friendly tech image.

Hansen-Kemp Design: Logo and Brand Identity
Effective Web Sites: Website Content and SEO
How we Built it: Business Website in WordPress

The Website

Computers of Marin website laptop