The Challenge – Replace and Update a Foundation Website

Helen Ann Buckley left an endowment that started a foundation to reward outstanding Sonoma teachers. A website was set up, but it merged primary colors with graphics with photos with drawings and had no style or cohesiveness. In a field that is inspirational, the site was a downer.

HAB - Old Logo & Foundation Website

HAB – Old Logo & Foundation Website

Our Approach

The foundation board wanted a new, fresh look, so they asked Kristie Hansen-Kemp to fully design a new logo and a new custom website. Kristie created the design selected the photos and laid out the whole site.

HAB Logo

The Solution

The website is still bright and colorful but it now conveys a vibrant educational image.

Hansen-Kemp Design: Logo and Brand Identity
How we Built it: Business Website in WordPress

The Website

New Foundation Website