The Challenge – Revive a Financial Planner website

UF Partners old site

The old website

Ann Terranova is a financial planner who understands that each person is unique, with a specific set of circumstances, and she works with each of her clients in a very personalized manner. Ann’s clients say that she is “smart, ethical and thinks outside the box.” Ann is warm and dynamic, but her old financial planner website was flat, gray and confusing. It had good content, but no significant SEO, broken up design and no marketing plan.

Our Approach

UF Partners imageFinancial Planners, like realtors and medical professionals have a challenge when it comes to picking images for their websites. They are faced with either following a route of overused stock images of the perpetually grinning TV family. Or of … well … what else is there?

In Ann’s office, I saw a beautiful graphic of the San Francisco Bay. Within it were homes and offices, people and families. Maybe I could use that graphic to portray the clients and their lives?

Ann had many pages on her old site, so Carolyn Kohler, the Website Wordsmith edited, reworte and organized the content for SEO. We brought the existing blog over and used the graphic to create a new website.

Lisa Taylor Powers of The Hive Marketing built an online marketing strategy, reaching out to new audiences with newsletters and regular blog updates. Read the Case Study

The Solution

The website is clear, clean but warm and friendly.

The Hive Marketing Online Marketing
Website Wordsmith: Website Content and SEO
How we Built it: Business Website in WordPress

The Website

Financial Planner Website | Marin | San Francisco