Randall Search website

I first ‘met’ David Randall when he worked for another client as an executive search recruiter. I was given David’s photo and bio to upload. I often spend a few minutes editing and balancing a head shot – I crop out surroundings and tidy up blemishes. Months later, visiting the client site, a face that is very familiar to me walks past. I am ready to greet them like an old friend, but they have never seen or even heard of me. Oh well! Stay quiet… walk on.

Today I met the man behind the photo! David called me a couple of weeks ago, ready to build a new website with a new photo for his own recruiter start up, Randall Search Associates. We decided to get together and build him a ‘Zero to Launch’ website in an afternoon. David brought his logo, the text, and a list of potential photos. We started work at 12:30 and by 6:00 we were ready to launch the new site.

Over the course of the afternoon we
– selected and cropped the final photos
– selected the design, added the logo
– changed colors and tailored the design
– created a slideshow for the home page
– imported the text and laid it out with pictures, quotes and call outs.
– set up the contact page with Google map and contact form.

Randall Search Associates