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You deserve a great looking website to showcase your business. You know what your business website needs: good looks, good layout and the right pages for your customers. We will come to your office and work right alongside you to design and build it. As your web designer, we love meeting with you and learning all about your business. We enjoy finding out what is important to your audience and making your website look good. We also like getting your Google SEO juice flowing and your website found online.

A strong business website starts with about 10 – 12 pages. Your website will need the anchor pages – Home, About, Testimonials and Contact. Most business websites also have 5 to 7 specialty pages.

We will coach you in how to make updates and follow up a week after launch with a call to fix any small issues.

Recent Business Websites

How It Works

  • You like what you see on this website

    You’ve seen our website

    • You like our style
    • You relate to what you see here
    • You are interested in finding out more
  • Informational Phone Call, 30 Minutes

    Please call us on (415) 305 6050.

    • We will learn about each other and see if we both feel good about going further
    • If we both want to proceed, let us know your page and image count
    • We will confirm the cost for your website
  • You choose to build your website with us


    • We schedule the next steps
  • Preparatory Phone Call, 1 hour

    We will check and confirm the following with you

    • The business name, any logo and domain name you are planning to use
    • Your site map and where your text and any images are coming from
    • We will establish your website hosting

    After the call we will

    • Install WordPress, set up Google Analytics, Set up Site Map
  • Collaborative Website Build - Create Site, 5 hours

    Together we will

    • Select a design from hundreds of options. Add your logo and/or colors
    • Start to add text and photos

    After the session the developer will

    • Finish adding text and images to the site. Align, Test, Update. Check on Phone and Tablet
    • Call you to review and update the work so far
  • Collaborative Website Build - add Blog, 3 hours

    Together we will

    • Add the blog and two posts to the site.
    • Update sidebar and navigation as necessary
    • Launch the website
  • Post-Launch Revisions, 1 hour

    Scheduled call

    • Answer your questions
    • Make small updates to the site
    • Continue coaching on how to make site updates
  • WordPress Coaching, 1 hour

    Scheduled call

    • Continue coaching on how to make site updates


Who is a typical client for the Business Website?

  1. Businesses that need a  professional website with individual pages for each business specialty
  2. Businesses that want the ability to SEO optimize each of their specialty pages

How soon can we get a website built?

Call us on (415) 305 6050. we can do it as soon as we can both find a

  1. A five hour opening on both our schedules 🙂
  2. A week or so for the review and updates

Can I update the website myself after we build it?

Yes. We will coach you as part of the process.

Can we add more pages to the website later?

Yes. This is one of many strengths of WordPress. Future pages will inherit the design of current pages.

Couldn’t I just build the website myself?

If you are digitally confident then ‘yes’. If Hosting & FTP & XML & Child themes are familiar to you. But the majority of our clients are business owners whose expertise is in something other than creating a website. Building a website seems to take them  take 5 months, 5 days, 5 minutes and 5 hours:

  • 5 months of saying they will get around to it on your own,
  • 5 days of trying to build a website and being overwhelmed by the choices
  • 5 minutes to call us
  • 5 hours of getting the website built with us.

Why wouldn’t everyone build their website this way?

Well… That’s a good question for the other web developers. Let us know if they tell you.

What are the pros and cons of doing it this way?


  • You will come out of this with a GREAT looking website
  • Your site is in WordPress so you are perfectly positioned to maintain and expand the site if needed
  • You will have strong input in the collaborative process
  • The time you spend in collaboration with us will be way less than you might spend in email hell elsewhere


  • We will need some of your time and energy to make this happen

What is the Cost?

There are 3 parts to the cost – Time, Money and Energy

  • Time: We will need your time for about 9 hours in this process.
  • $2500 – 12 pages, 18 images, 1 slideshow
  • Energy – we believe this is the lowest stress way  for you to get your website built.

Next Steps

Please call us to schedule a 30 minute informational call. We can learn more about your website needs and both parties can determine if we are a good fit to go forwards.

(415) 305-6050