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How Much Should a Website Cost?

What is a fair Website Cost?

Recently, the owner of an auto body shop asked whether website cost quotes he was receiving seemed fair. He was asking a lot of people and getting overwhelmed by the different responses. He did receive one answer  I agreed with “Ha! That is like asking me how much a vacation should cost. Where do you want to go and how nice do you want it to be?

If you called me about website cost, I’d ask you a quite a few questions before knowing whether to recommend a $0, $500, $3,000 or $6,000 site for you. It all depends what you want the site to do for you, and how effectively you need it to work.

What is your Marketing Need?

You have an auto body shop, right? How many other auto body shops are geographically competing against you? If you are the only shop in town, in a remote town in Alaska, then you ‘own’ that market, so no need to pay for any competitive marketing, on or off the web. If that is the case, you can spend $0 on 0 websites and be happy.

So how many other auto body shops are you really up against? Let’s assume that in your town, and reasonable driving distance of you, it is 10. Are you happy with how you are doing against the rest of them? None of them eating your lunch? Fine! Again, if you are super happy with your current market share and public image, spend $0, and let’s stop talking.

Website Cost - Google Search

Search Google for your Services

But, if you actually want more than you currently have, and to grow your business against theirs, let’s keep talking. Let’s assume that personally and professionally, you want to move up the ladder against Al’s Autobody. You want some of the clients he is getting. Let’s look at how you both do online.

Do Not try this At Home! Even if you go to an incognito browser, Google knows who you are and where you work. If you do it at home, you will get false results. So walk over to neighbors a house and google “Autobody shop, your-town-name” See what comes up and take a realistic look at whether you like it.

Search Google for your Name

Looking at the Google results, are you showing up as one of the 3 listings on the map? Are you in the top five in the text listings? Are you even on the first page?

Also, try googling your business name: If you do show up, is it an awkward listing from Facebook or the Rotary Club? Good or bad reviews from Yelp? Or is it a good listing from your business? If you like the way you look, and you are positioning well on the first page of Google, spend $0 on 0 websites, and exit this conversation.

Website Cost - Improve Web Presence Status Quo

Improve your web Presence

Assuming you were disappointed by how you did on Google, let’s figure out how important it is, and what to do to fix it. As you probably realize, this is not just about the website, this is about your whole web presence. Because all the different parts of your web presence show up in Google.

If you are like a lot of our clients, you probably have a few people telling you “Blah blah Google map page is free… Do a Facebook page … Create a Wix / Squarespace site…” Umm, yeah, right. You know how to do all that? Most of my clients don’t. And they don’t want to put the time in to figuring it out, and even when they do, they realize it just doesn’t look right. I mean, their websites end up looking about as good as my car would if I fixed the body work myself. And, for what it is worth, I have clay filled and painted my own car before now and it looked pretty bad.

So… Whether I quoted you $500, $1000 or $6000 would depend how much needed to be done. Some clients pay hire us to set up or tweak their web presence via

  • Google My Business page – the listing that shows up with a red marker on the Google map
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • Business Facebook.
  • YouTube channel
  • Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram etc.

The more competitive your local market is, the more important it is to do all this.

Website Cost -The Website

But What About the Website?

People might tell you that you only need 5 pages. Maybe, if presenting a good brochure is important, but getting found in Google is not.

If you do want to get found on Google, you need a page for each specialty – Autobody, repairs, insurance, paint jobs, chrome etc. Someone needs to research the keywords, write the text, find the photos. That all takes time. Web designers can do it all for you, or you can do some of it, but the full, concierge service costs more.

So without asking the questions to find out what you want and need to do, I cannot say whether $1000 is overcharging you for not doing enough, or just right, or you really need more than $1000 worth of help. It all depends what you really need and whether they are accurately supplying it.

SEO – Google Search Engine Optimization

Get your Website found on Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the skilled craft of adding the best text, tags and captions to the pages on your website. The right text and tags will improve the indexing of your website in Google.

Good SEO writing is a full time craft, skill and passion. To get the best text and tags written for our clients, we recommend and partner with Carolyn Kohler of Website Wordsmith.

Carolyn Kohler
Website Wordsmith
Cell: (415) 250-1347
450 East Strawberry Dr. #29
Mill Valley, California 94941

Social Media

Building Facebook Pages

“I am LOVING this series of yours. Everyone else I’ve come across gives wonderful tidbits like “you need to have a FB page and consider Twitter.” Please — would I have bothered to get info on strategies if I didn’t even know that?? You rock! Now, if you could just find a way to add a few hours into each day so I could really make the most of this info, I’d be ever so grateful. ;)”

Facebook Fan Pages can really work for you, or they can have you working your tail off, wondering if you will ever get a response. Tending a web presence is like tending a garden. You can ‘do everything’ and leave it all ‘just perfect’. But unless you ‘keep up’ with it, changes will happen… plants will need watering and bugs need combating. It’s the same online. You can’t just build a Facebook page and walk away from it expecting it to go viral and succeed without you.

Like garden or building maintenance there are regular actions that will keep everything moving along and working for you, instead of you working for the page, or the page working against you. We do not believe that you can do it all at once, or that ‘one time’ is even a valid approach. We run  a Facebook Page that revisits each area of your Facebook Page every 4 – 6 weeks. We give you achievable goals that take 15 – 30 minutes / day. If you miss a day or even a week, it doesn’t matter that much – the series is designed for each day to work on its own, although it certainly helps to be there for all of them!


Please contact us to set up a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation. This phone call enables us to learn about your situation and helps you to learn more about our services. Please call (415) 305-6050 to make an appointment for your consultation. Be prepared to describe the challenges you are facing and the biggest goal that you have in developing a website.
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About Abigail Gorton Web Strategies

About Abigail Gorton Web Strategies

Abigail Gorton Web Strategies is an independent local web developer, proudly serving Marin County businesses since 2007. We specialize in designing beautiful WordPress business websites, portfolio websites and affordable web design. If your business fits in at the local Chamber of Commerce, you’ll probably fit in with our client base.

How we Work

We not only work with you on your website, we’ll also help you develop your entire online strategy. When you work with us, you’ll meet people who will listen to the story of your business and help you sort through the many choices available.

We understand that every client has business objectives and every project has a budget and a set of priorities. We will respect your budget and focus on your priorities, leading to a web presence that uniquely showcases your business. We promise to make your website development process not only easy, but also enjoyable!

Explanations Without Tech-speak

We speak English English or American English in the presence of our clients. If you visit our offices unexpectedly, you may just find some rapid tech-speak going on but we always promise to stop in polite company.

We have been crafting technology solutions for business owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for longer than we care to admit! In fact, Abigail Gorton has more than twenty-five years of technology experience and sixteen years in website development. She is a seasoned business professional who enjoys helping her clients understand the possibilities of technology and then make the right decisions for their business.

A Native of London

Originally from London, England, Abigail moved to the San Francisco Bay Area at the suggestion of her employer and fell in love, both with the area and her husband, Matthew. She later worked for several start-ups during the dot com boom, then moved into the Cable Industry where she managed the corporate websites for Charter, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. In 2007, she started Abigail Gorton Web Strategies, calling on her deep engineering background to build effective websites for local small businesses.

Abigail, Matthew and their two daughters live in San Rafael. When she is not building websites for her clients, Abigail spends time with her daughters who are involved in: Ski racing (the parents are known as racer chasers), marching band (Abigail fixes the uniforms and works wardrobe on performance days), fashion design (her daughters want to be on Project Runway), mathletes (competitive math team), and surfing (Abigail drives them to the beach and pays for lessons.)

To learn more about Abigail Gorton, please see her LinkedIn profile. You can also read what her clients are saying on Yelp!

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Building Beautiful Websites to Showcase your Business

We are a Marin County based website design and web development team. You understand your business. We know how to create a beautiful website design to promote it online. We have built hundreds of websites and helped our clients boost their online presence. If your business fits in at the local Chamber of Commerce, you’ll probably fit in with our client base.

Zero to Launch Website

If you need to get your 5-page website “Launched already!” this is the way to go.

In one collaborative afternoon we will develop a website design, then build and launch your site. Put “having a business but not a website” behind you!

Business Website

You understand what your business website needs: good looks, good layout and the right pages for your customers.

We know how to make it happen. We love getting to know all about you and your business.

Portfolio Website

When images are the heart of your business – contractors, designers, artists and photographers – this is your website.

We honor your portfolio, images and branding to create a website design that shows the whole world what you can do.


It’s Your Website Design

Our specialty is listening to you to help you figure out what is right for your business. We’ll work with you to develop the right online strategy. Once we have a plan in place, we’ll build the components. We are techies who speak English as well as tech-speak. We are social media dwellers who will also look you in the eye and come out in the light of day. We are engineers who recognize how critical the right website is to a successful business.

We would love to help you with your website design and web development project. Please contact Marin web designer Abigail Gorton at (415) 305-6050 to set up a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation.